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James Atkinson - native speaker


Teaching children has always been something that I wanted to do with my life, In England I acquired a degree in Health and Exercise science while working at a leisure centre, During that time I qualified as a swimming teacher, I went on to teach children there for four years from ages 3-10. That was when I decided that not only did I want a change of scenery, but also a new challenge. Teaching English in Poland has been one of the most difficult but also rewarding experiences I have ever had. I’ve been accepted into a great teaching community and had the opportunity to learn so much, not only from the teachers but also from the different classes I have taught.


Teaching in the bilingual class has really shown me how important it is, to maximise the amount of time that they are exposed to a second language. In my time teaching the 1D I have seen great improvements in the children’s English as well as their attitude to learning it. Teaching a class that contains such strong personalities is an absolute pleasure for me and I feel lucky to be able to help them move forward in learning my native language.