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Linda Domitrz - native speaker


I am from the United States.  I have an undergraduate degree in forensic psychology and hold a teaching certificate from the British Council. I have been living in Poland for about 18 months.  I am very happy to be here in Poland and at the Gaudeamus School. I too consider myself a student as I am trying to learn Polish. This has also helped me appreciate the challenges our young students face every day learning new subjects and a new language at the same time.

I have the privilege of being the native English speaker for the first bilingual class at the Gaudeamus School in Józefosław. I work with the students two days a week and coordinate my lesson topics with Miss Gabriela and Miss Agnieszka. This ensures that students are receiving practice and reinforcement of all their subjects in both English and Polish. The students are a joy to work with and it is amazing to see the progress they have made from the first day until now.  Children just starting their educational journey are now beginning to read and write in two languages!  I couldn’t be more proud of them. I look forward to continuing working with the students in the bilingual class as they grow. I can’t wait to see all that they accomplish.